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Now You Can Use The Secret of The Greatest People Who Ever Lived

From the desk of Vic Johnson
Monday, 9:43 p.m.

Dear Friend,

If I'd only known The Secret ten years ago I could have avoided the very worst experience of my life.  In the span of a year my family was evicted from our home, our last automobile was repossessed and I was hopelessly broke and disgusted with the state of my life.

Even though I suspected that there must be some reason why an elite few seemed to almost effortlessly succeed while myself and most others struggled and toiled and only sank further and further, I had no clue as to what it was.

The Secret has existed throughout the history of humankind. It has been discovered, coveted, suppressed, hidden, lost and recovered. It has been hunted down, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money. Now for the first time in history, The Secret is being revealed to the world over two breathtaking hours.

A number of exceptional men and women discovered The Secret, and went on to become known as the greatest people who ever lived. Among them: Plato, Leonardo, Galileo, Napoleon, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Edison, Einstein and Carnegie, to name but a few.

Fragments of The Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation which will be life transforming for all who experience it.

Some of today's greatest teachers will be presented in The Secret and will impart this special wisdom that has been known by so few. They include some of the world's leaders in the fields of business, economics, medicine, psychology, history, theology and science. Each of these teachers is living proof of The Secret; each of them a walking marvel of achievement and success...

Here are just a few:

  • 'Miracle Man' Morris Goodman, who tells his awe inspiring story of how he recovered from paralysis by using The Secret;
  • Jack Canfield, co-author of the hugely successful Chicken Soup series, shares how he used The Secret to sell more books than anyone in history.
  • Dr. Denis Waitley, who used various aspects of The Secret in training Olympic athletes and Apollo astronauts to reach new heights of human endeavor.
  • Best selling authors and philosophers including Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, James Ray and Joe Vitale, explain how they have created lives of phenomenal success utilizing The Secret.
  • Doctors in the fields of medicine and quantum physics explain the science behind The Secret.

The Secret reveals amazing real life stories and testimonials of regular people who have changed their lives in profound ways. By applying The Secret they present instances of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles and achieving what many would regard as impossible.


"Is it possible that a 40 year old can be down on his luck, get off a Greyhound bus penniless, and within 30 days be earning $10,000 a week?

The moment I COMMITTED to watching The Secret every day for one year everything CHANGED!

Today the same penniless guy who got off a Greyhound bus has an office with a partner in the most expensive commercial property in the entire LA, overlooking the ocean on the 18th floor!
- Michelangelo Lopez

The Secret reveals how to apply this powerful knowledge to your life in every area from health to wealth, to success and relationships.

The Secret is everything you have dreamed of... and is beyond your wildest dreams.

Combined with belief, there's virtually nothing you can't do when you know The Secret...

Build the Belief That Moves Mountains

Napoleon Hill, writing in the classic Think and Grow Rich, said that belief and desire are the beginning of all achievement. If one of those key ingredients is missing, success is almost impossible.

That might explain why a lot of people get excited about an idea (desire) but fail to follow through with it (belief). It's rare that we will attempt to do something that we don't believe in, and we will never give 100% of our effort to something without a strong belief that we can do it. It's our human defense mechanism. In As A Man Thinketh, James Allen tells us, "The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do." In Above Life's Turmoil he tells us, "Belief always precedes action."

That certainly helped me understand why I'd find myself with some great ideas that I thought would be successful, and then six months would pass by and I hadn't done anything about them. I didn't have the deep down belief they'd be successful, so I simply didn't take any action on them. And that's the same experience that most people have that steals the great dreams they have for their lives.

My experience, and the lessons from my 90-day program, that taught me how to use the power of belief, are all included in our four-hour recorded tele-seminar Can You Believe It? But that's only a small part of what's included.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn :

  • Jim Carrey's lesson that propelled him to super-stardom and $20 million a picture

  • The "AAI principle" taught by the sages through all of history

  • How your belief affects your health and healing and how to change it

  • The "secret" big advertisers use also changes any belief

  • Techniques used by Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and all world-class athletes

  • How to use "Truth Cards" to rapidly change your beliefs


“I have a PhD in Adult Education and am a course designer/trainer in my occupation. [This is a] very good interactive workbook and excellent exercises…This course is definitely worth keeping and doing again." – Robert Blick, Florida

“This the most practical, effective and productive program I have ever experienced.” – Connie Leong, Hong Kong

How powerful are your thoughts of belief? Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the legendary author of Psycho-Cybernetics said, "Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs."

Combine the power of belief with the power of The Secret and you will be unstoppable.

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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Why is one person sad and another person happy? Why is one joyous and prosperous and another poor and miserable? Why is one fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence? Why does one have a beautiful, luxurious home while another lives out a meager existence in a slum? This million-selling classic by Dr. Joseph Murphy answers those questions and many more. According to Dr. Murphy, the answers lie in that region of our existence known as the subconscious. It is there that we have an almost “secret” power that only a small percentage ever learn to tap.  This is a special eBook version of the original best-selling edition.

This is one of the most powerful packages we have ever offered.  It's one of those rare times when your old beliefs and paradigms will be shook down to the core.  Act now and put this dynamic duo to work for you.

Best of Success,


Vic Johnson


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